Nitish Kumar : Vigorous campaign to be launched against child marriage


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today reported that his administration would dispatch an energetic battle against tyke marriage and settlement in the state.

“Like aggregate alcohol boycott, the state government would dispatch a lively battle against kid marriage and settlement from coming Gandhi Jyanti,” Kumar said at a capacity here.

Kumar, who accepted an approach add up to denial on request of a couple of ladies, said he was motivated to run a crusade against youngster marriage by a lady at “Lok Sam ..

He admonished that the sanctuary ought to assume a dynamic part in spreading against social shades of malice like share and tyke marriage among lovers.

Kumar said while Bihar has been a point of convergence for political changes in the nation the state has falled behind in conveying tumults for social causes.

“I began social blends subsequent to expecting power (in 2005),” he said and highlighted activities like spare young lady tyke, restriction, de-enslavement and ladies strengthening to commute home the poi ..