Crop lying off, the Air Force kahyum “Cooking does not have flown planes’ Siachen


Pakistan also had busted a fake video ugadum

Siachen Glacier Pakistan Air Force today has already rejected the Indian Air Force fighter aircraft flight progress. Siachen Indian Army said that no Pakistani side is not filled flight combat aircraft. The army said that Sichuan is not a Pakistani fighter aircraft to India ‘flights. The Pakistani media has claimed that Pakistani troops have killed all of his advance operational base. He also spoke of the Pakistan Air Force flight path of aircraft fill the sky Siachen.

According to Pakistani media reports, Pakistan Air Force chief Sohail visited Siachen us forward airbase nearby. And Air Force participated in the study. It is also said that India and Pakistan will threaten us in any hitch retort India. He said Pakistan would give an answer that will remind future generations of the country. During the yuddhaabhyasa Siachen have made us a Mirage jet accumulated itself.

The state that was released a video on Tuesday. Nowshera and Nowgam sector of the Indian Army has several checkpoints and bunkers ravaged Pakistan. Breaking the ceasefire will be in operation from Pakistan that it was said a statement issued by the Indian Army and was in response to infiltration. This operation forces used rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and automatic weapons.