Vadnagar visit of the Ambassador of Japan PM, was thrilled to see the historic city

Vadnagar Torans
He gained more information to verify the Vadnagar relationship with Buddhism. They also visited the birth place of Modi.
Japan’s ambassador to visit Buddhist stupa
Vadnagar running prospector digging to find remains of the primeval dharabayela. Stupas and Solanki baudhakalina city remains have also been found during excavations. Running excavations in various places in the city. The Ambassador of Japan Kenji Noda hiramatsu and Rosy (Consult of Japan) came to visit the historical city on Tuesday. He then visited a Buddhist stupa near ghansakola door.
Buddhist stupa is connected with the Buddhist viharaka
Buddhist stupa in saying that it was a wonderful thing to be keenly associated with Buddhism viharaka. To verify this information was obtained about. He said that if the centers are required to be excavated Buddhist stupa second part can be found. Kirti by the Japanese ambassador Monthly municipality were given garlands replication.