Health Tips: What Profit tea or coffee for health?


Who are some people who choose not to drink tea or coffee after that. Caffeine contained in it make it harmful. If you drink excess amounts of coffee may cause more harm to your body than tea.

1.  There is anti-oksidenta both  are different, both are anti oksidenta. So where are the other side phlevenoida found in tea and coffee kyunaina klorojena acid. This is both a job and that the body should be eliminated free raidiksano.

2. The  coffee dose of caffeine,  coffee is the caffeine found in tea than in the dual elements.

3. are spent tea  and coffee are blended.

4.  The best tea for digestion,  if the tea is made without sugar and milk than coffee for the best abs.

5.  protection against cancer Coffee and tea:  It is tea drinkers can get protection against pregnancy and breast cancer, liver cancer among heavy drinkers of coffee may protect against the other side.

6.  toxic caffeine,  the caffeine in coffee drinking has become poison and kill a bad effect on the central nervous system. With eating problems are also problems with insomnia, restlessness and head pains. There is also the risk of miscarriage. Does nothing to tea.