Survival rate of newborn infants rankings of 195 countries ranked India 154

સર્વાઇવલ રેટ

Survival Rate

India is the country ranked 154 of 195 countries in the Global Burden of healthcare and access dijhisanam kvolitinam rankings. Nava India-born infants have a lower chance of survival, which is decreasing survival rate of infants.

Sabakontinentala is the last place in the countries of India Healthcare Index, while 72.8 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh 51.7, 52.7 and healthcare indeksae bhutana far ahead than India, Nepal 50.8.

Tyubarakyulosisani India had received 26 points out of 100 for which the availability of treatment, compared to 29 in Pakistan, kongoe jibautie 30 and 29 points. India has persisted in treating diabetes or 45-point, 38, 20 and treatment of congenital heart diseases in the treatment of diseases of the permanent kidninam.

Thus, India’s health treatment could not be fully achieved targets. Whose impact has been spotted on its healthcare index rank with a newborn infant health and survival rate.