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bili sharbat

Billy Juice

Billy iwi many people prefer mango juice there are also quite a price. Billy can simply remove the heat of which is a fruit, but the health be nikhari. Ayurveda is seen mention of its many benefits. Its fruits are very rude but the interior is soft, gudavalo and seedy.

Billy Did you know that a glass of lemonade you sare found in many types of protein, beta-carotene, thiamin, and vitamins C raibophlevina. Then when you’ve got so much going through a fruit. So why a new law making it a part of their diet. I know Billy drinking lemonade Health

Benefits of lemonade:

Diabetes helpful:  Billy is more leksativanu level. It keeps the body control blood sugar levels. Made in the body to help insulina that keep diabetes at ease.

Helps clean the blood: 50 grams Billy juice is navaseku clean water and drinking the blood sugar mix. This will remove the burden of beverages to clean the dirt on your kidneys and liver

Hadayathi help prevent diseases linked: If you have heart problems bilinu Make lemonade and get a little melted butter. Low interest on the same amount. This will be coupled hadayathi rescue diseases.

Energy brings the body: vainana 100 g anus will kelerijha 140, which will speed up body metabolism and nutrition of all organs. It will descend with abdominal fatigue due to protein and energy.

Gas and constipation relief: regularly drinking the juice will rest Billy gas, constipation and apacani problem because they have higher amounts of fiber.

Liver saves: Billy is beta-carotene, which gives relief to the liver problem. There are thymine and raibophlevina, both to boost liver health.

Feces feces Relief Relief reminiscent of Billy are interested in Ayurveda diarrhea and diarrhea believed to be highly beneficial. If you wish you can drink it mixed with jaggery or sugar.