Small, Mid Cap Down: Nifty fell by 9360

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Weak dollar fell 16 paise to Rs .64.73: Crude oil firmly ahead of OPEC meeting

Indo-on control of the line-Pakistan border after the collapse bankarone Pakistan Army by missile attacks to strike the Indian Army, yesterday, today, the credit rating bordering stress situations and global fronts and after take-off near siyacina glesiyara by Pakistani fighter jets, reports the agency China after 25 years by Moody’s ratings were downgraded Asia with markets Indian stock market today, metal, power, capital goods, pharma stocks erosion index based funds be deceptive initial gains, did bigabula, maharathioe hemaringa. Although the reduction was based Index closed 9360.55 points, down 63.61 points down at 30301.64 and the Nifty being limited spot of 25.60 points today.

Nifty 9400 call plunged from 36.80 to 15.30: 2.85, Nifty 9200 Put at the end of a
trend before the end of May, Monday-Thursday bigabula derivatives, funds were discussed khankheryani big boom position by continuing aphadataphadinum storm. Nifty 9400 call for Rs 8,16,526 contracts traded at 36.75 against 36.80 crore 5771211 was opened at 15.30 reached 6.50 percent higher at 53.10. Nifty 9400 put it at 30.40 against Rs 7,06,199 crore .49,986.07 contracts traded was 40.65 at 49.85 in the open market trade reached 17.60 and 65.90. Nifty 9200 Put to Rs 3,42,099 contracts traded at 6.45 against 9.45 crore .23,616.71 was opened at 2.85 up to 1.55 per cent higher at 12.

Nifty May futures fell to 9439 from 9390 9375 June 9350 fell Nifty Future
Nifty May futures contracts Rs 2,10,649 crore, opened higher at 9401.25 against 9439.90 9390.45 .14,834.11 operations fell to 9340 to 9374.65 at the end was coming. Nifty June futures at 9405.75 against Rs 1,36,316 crore .9605.86 contracts traded at 9395.15 at the end of 9382 opened up to trade down to 9350 944265. Bank Nifty May futures at 22,630.05 against Rs 69.554 crore .6276.86 contracts trading at 22,544.95 22,574.70 was opened up to trade down to 22,659.60 22.460. Bank Nifty June futures at 28.190 against Rs 22,551.45 crore .2539.38 contracts trading at 22,497.80 22,513.75 was opened up to trade down to 22,610.50 22.425.

.2.40 per cent to Rs .57.05 SAIL, Hindustan Zinc .8.45 per cent to Rs .232, NMDC declined Rs .115.60 Rs .3.55, Vedanta .6.85 per cent to Rs .223.90 , Hindalco fell .186.85 Rs .4.55 crore, Coal India Rs .262.10 Rs .5.90 per cent, 4 per cent to Rs .189.35 JSW steel, Nalco fell by Rs 65 to Rs .1.05 30, Tata steel Rs .7.45 per cent were .482.95. BSE Metal Index was down 246.97 points to close at 10846.19.

Pharma stocks suffered heavy: Biocon, Wockhardt, Novartis, koparana, ipka, Sun Pharma gabadaya
pharmaceuticals stocks funds, khelandaoe closed BSE Healthcare Index plunged 275.71 points to 13940.99 bull Business Today there are more than hemaringa preferring offload. Sikventa Rs .113.15 Rs .10.75 per saintiphika, Biocon Rs .894.30 .52.30 per cent, down from Wockhardt for Rs .583.90 Rs .33.55, Novartis Rs .34.40 per cent .621 50, Novartis Rs .621.50 .34.40 per cent, Themis Medi Rs .516.85 .28.40 per cent, to Rs .75.25 per cent .1373.25 nyulenda lab, koparana Rs .4.45 Rs .85.15 per cent, to Rs .2.05 Alembic Ltd fell by Rs .40.90, .21.95 per cent to Rs .491 ipka lab, lab vivimeda fell by Rs .4.30. Rs 8.20, Rs divijha Laboratories .557.35 .18.85 per cent, 7.50 per cent to Rs RPG Life .360.95, lupina .1227.65 Rs .21.35 per cent, Sun Pharma 9 .603.05 .50 per cent, to Rs .22.60 per cent Pfizer .1685.80, divijha Laboratories Rs .18.85 per cent were .557.35.

Capital goods stocks of large funds ophalodinga: Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Defense, vigarda, gabadaya
power, capital goods stocks, funds, khelandaoe over boat was extensively hemaringa lenient position today than it was lively. Reliance Defense Rs .4.80 .56.10 per cent, to close at Rs .9.50 vigarda Rs .180.05, plunged to Rs .59.65 crore .1135.20 BEML, Suzlon Energy 85 paise to Rs .18.90, .150.05 Rs .5.90 per cent, BHEL, Larsen and Toubro fell .1684.95 Rs .56.05 crore, Bharat Electronics .166.85 Rs .5.30 per cent, to Rs .9.75 per havelsa India Rs .440.80, Thermax Rs .983.45 .10.95 per cent, to Rs .27.95 Siemens were .1332.60 per cent. BSE Capital Goods Index plunged 458.68 points to close at 17037.22.

OPEC crude oils glance before the meeting: Crude hang big boom: Oil stocks gained
as crude oil and oil-producing countries organization, OPEC tomorrow 25, the United States and its uncertainty will put a further cut production in order to prevent falling oil prices held a meeting in Vienna in May 2017 to supply more to sell Stills the decision was hanging big boom. Brent crude had crossed 54 dollars on Friday. BPCL Rs .709.90 .12.75 per cent, to Rs .6.60 per cent .430.65 IOC, GAIL India Rs .9.75 per cent were .390.20.

Small, mid-cap IT stocks many stocks to sell the stake less volume tutatam prices
by launching efforts to tear down small, mid-cap stocks continued a relentless sell-off in the last four days later came the boom excesses of rampant, many share prices of mileage in the last days many stocks less volume pricing today times. So the market was extremely bad. He had been in the days of BSE in 2869 skripomanthi Losers and Gainers Number 2037 685. Only 271 stocks, 142 stocks rally Buyer Seller’s upper circuit only downward against the lower circuit.

FIIs bought futures to Rs .1518 crore in cash net bought Rs .82 crore,
FIIs and foreign institutional investors, foreign portfolio investors today Wednesday Rs .81.88 crore in cash was net buying. He declined to Rs He Rs crore for purchase of .5943.44 .5861.56 crore. Futures total net bought Rs .1518 crore today. Rs .231 crore in index futures and stock futures were net purchases net buy Rs .1287 crore. The DII-domestic institutional investors were net bought Rs .197.31 crore in cash today. He had sold a total of Rs Rs crore for purchase of .3164.59 .2967.28 crore.