Keep in mind the small things, and become queen of the kitchen


Kitchen kitchen major problems due to the small tips will be easy. I know you know some kitchen tips here today.

  • Having laid a pinch of turmeric, chillies green chillies stuffed airtight vial is no longer green.
  • If rice is burned out, another vessel has been flying habitat Relaxing piece of bread.
  • Lucho mirrors to put a little glycerin on the clothes in hot water to remove alike dhundhalasane mounted on the bathroom mirror. This rise appears blurred mirror was gone.
  • Take dried bark of watermelon PC. Calamine can be used in place of baking soda, which is soon embroiled beans.
  • Grind rose petals bottles to be filled. Apply at night, lips, pink lips are equal.
  • Phatelam allow to throw away old socks, it can clean utensils, vosabesina, glass etc it cleaned and washed, they are not required to lisota.
  • B tarabucanam grinding eating the chutney over ten grams of sugar, pulp and chalk body becomes plump.
  • Mulanam leaves juice to cure acne rubbed week.
  • Sugar cure colds smelling like a finely powdered snuff.
  • Asafoetida boiled water gargle to cure tooth pain.
  • Do not allow it to throw up pieces of toilet soap boil them in water bottles filled with liquid. The washing liquid hand soap seems to work.
  • Deleting bhajinam fennel leaves, wheat, wheat is not spoiling.