Viral Video : Mahira Khan and Umar Sharif Abuse India


Mahira Khan and Umar Sharif Abuse India

Viral Video

Shah Rukh Khan starer Raees is scheduled to hit the screens on January 25 and a few days prior to the launch, and old video of Pakistani actor Mahira Khan who’s playing the role of Shah Rukh’s love interest in the film has surfaced on the Internet. The video is being massively shared on social media because Mahira can be heard talking ill of India.

Participating in a chat show and sitting opposite comedian Omar Sharif, Mahira said, ““Aapko India se inspire nahi hona chahiye. Bilkul nahi. Hum Bollywood nahi hain (We should never be inspired from Indians. We are not Bollywood).” The two can be seen talking about how they should make Pakistan strong and talk about ‘Pakistaniyat’. Sharif, in the video, also makes a light comment on how Bollywood is a ticket to Hollywood.

The clip, which was captured over five years ago, hasn’t gone down well with many on the Internet especially before the release.

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